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September 27, 2016

“The Roundabout Crew” are an Australian comedy sketch group who have created a large number of comedy videos in various styles and have worked with some of the top comedy YouTubers in Australia.

‘The Roundabout Crew’ was formed when Tom, Elliot and Ken needed a ‘Canberra’ centric name for a development radio show they were offered after the success of a video they created entitled ‘Sh*t Nobody Says in Canberra’. The video was a local hit in Canberra and Tom realised there was definite potential in creating their brand of comedy online.

The Roundabout Crew’ have been exposed to many networking opportunities and had the  chance to take part in some interesting projects. They have worked with some of the top comedy YouTuber’s in Australia, including ‘RackaRacka’, ‘Frenchy’, Neel Kolhatker, ‘The Royal Stampede’ and Josh Wade. 

In 2016 Tom co-created a Screen Australia and Google funded Web Series with fellow YouTuber Frenchy. They made a NEW Australian comedy series featuring a cast of YouTube personalities working at a rundown Sydney hostel on the brink of closure.

Supported by Screen Australia and YouTube through the Skip Ahead initiative.

The Australiana Hostel is a narrative driven comedy for YouTube set in a fictional hostel in central Sydney featuring an international array of YouTubers. Two young Sydney siders (played by YouTubers Tom Armstrong – The Roundabout Crew and Ben French – Frenchy Sungaattack) inherit the keys to a crumbling hostel each on their own mission to see the hostel succeed but for totally different reasons: Tom, sees the management of the hostel as his calling in life, whereas Frenchy is a classic Australian bogan who is just there to sleep with a girl from every country. As they go about their daily chores managing the hostel, they are met with a constant pipeline of challenges that provide great comedic moments. There is even a recurring nemesis who works at the competing hostel down the road, always trying to sabotage the boys’ plans and steal the hostel guests.

Each webisode will feature either an international or local YouTube personality starring as the unsuspecting guest backpacker caught up in the weekly misadventures of the hostel staff and guests This outside perspective helps showcase Australia from the point-of-view of travellers and backpackers. Despite the boys’ well-meaning and sometimes elaborate attempts at pleasing their guests, there is always chaos and cultural clashes, which lead to disaster and unexpected outcomes, constantly made public on the hostel’s website review page.

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