Elliot Morton

August 10, 2017


Elliot is a co-founder of The Roundabout Crew, acts as well as he can, and also dabbles in a bit of writing. He has two degrees to his name, (a Bachelor of Media Arts and Production, and a Bachelor of Advertising and Marketing Communication), despite getting an ATAR lower than Atlantis. Elliot also has a very keen interest in sport, with skills in watching, spectating and viewing it. Always willing to get in front of camera or behind a microphone, he has an interest in presenting and acting, along with collaborating with some of Australia’s top comedians on screen (including being a part of Frenchy and Tom’s “Australiana Hostel”).

Elliot has collaborated with the talented Sportsbet video production team, appearing in several online videos surrounding the theme of “Local Cricket Problems”. The video was so successful it was then made into a short TVC screened during Channel 9’s One Day Series and Channel 10’s Big Bash League.

He has also featured on Triple M’s The Grill Team in late 2016, pretending to be a Lexus salesman and fooling long time host Gus Worland into thinking he was getting an exclusive car deal.

But one of Elliot’s greatest achievements, was featuring as an extra on “Me and My Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse” for a massive 2 seconds. He was immediately eaten by a zombie.